General FAQ

All of our shows (except Foolio's Fun Club) are created and intended for adult audiences, and always contain some of the following types of adult humor: cursing, sexual innuendo, violence, and/or nudity… if not all of them at the same time. To be safe, we recommend you be at least 18 if you're coming to our shows. However, we also believe that parents have the right to choose what's okay for their children to watch. So, if you're cool with the possibility of your 13 year old seeing George Faughnan wrestling in nothing but a pair of sheer pantyhose, then so are we. If you let your kids watch South Park, then you’ll be cool with us too.
Yes! We serve beer, wine, and liquor. Much of our bar selection is locally produced, and we always have specialty cocktails on the menu. We sell popcorn and light snacks (think chips and candy bars). For more substantial grub, check out some of our awesome neighboring restaurants like Ammazza, Miso, and Bell Street Burritos.
Yes! Our friends at Uber are donating $5 for every new Uber customer that signs up using the code DADS14 You can take advantage of this by downloading the app and entering the code or by visiting the following URL to sign up:
The average ticket price is about $15, but can be anywhere from $4-25. It really depends on the show and the day of the week. If you're looking to save money, buy your tickets online (they're $2 cheaper than buying on the phone or at the door). We also send out discount offers from time to time through Twitter, Facebook, and our email newsletter.
No. It’s pretty much like a movie theater or a concert in that respect. If you buy tickets and don't show up, that's on you. Sorry. If you truly have an emergency, please call us before the show and let us know. We only guarantee exchanges if you give us 48 hours notice.
No. We do improv and plays.
All of the performers you see on our stage have been acting and/or improvising for years. Most of them started in our Level 1 improv class and worked their way up. If you want to get involved behind the scenes, start by volunteering.
Yes. Every improv company teaches a different style of improv. It's important that you get to know how Dad’s Garage plays if you're interested in improvising here.
We get hundreds of scripts in the mail each year… and we don't have time to read them all. If you've really done your homework and really think you have a script that makes sense for Dad's Garage to produce, you can send it here:

Dad's Garage Theatre
Attn: Kevin Gillese
569 Ezzard St
Atlanta, GA 30312

If you're thinking about sending us the next Oklahoma, please don't.

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