Why Every Boss Should Take an Improv Class!

Posted On:09.01.2018

Should every boss take a corporate improv-based training class? Well, if Atlanta-based news-behemoth CNN feels they should, then who are we to argue.

Or more accurately, if CNNMoney reporter Kathryn Vasel says you should – and she did, in an article with the title above, highlighting how companies can benefit from offering improv-based corporate workshops to their staff (check Kathyrn out at @KathrynVasel).

The piece, Why every boss should take an improv class, profiles a few organizations who’ve taken corporate improv workshops, looking at their experience and talks to a few facilitators of these workshops.  

Corporate Improv training
Not only does the article highlight why every boss should take an improv-based corporate training class, but how attorneys will benefit in their careers

We got to know each other on a human level, which helped us collaborate,” said Ken Bazydola, iRobot‘s director of product management.

Kathryn spoke with Ken from IRobot (think vacuum robot maker Roomba) after he set up a half-day session for the company’s global product management team (a group of geographically spread out employees, including several who had never met in-person before).

This specific scenario above, a team that works remotely, with members geographically spread out, is one we always find to be a perfect fit for one of our collaboration and communication workshops (Team Building Workshops).

We design sessions that are effective at quickly bringing a team together, creating a template they can use moving forward for collaborating at a high level, while layering the session with opportunities and moments of connectivity and bonding.

Other tangible benefits Kathryn noted in the article include:

For leaders “Improv can make communication in high-pressure situations easier,”

Brainstorming Sessions – “It makes it easier for employees or leaders to feel good about coming up with new ideas and presenting them,”

Running Meetings – “Yes, and’ is about giving over your idea, it’s saying I have the courage to start an idea and let it get changed. As a manager, you are far more powerful if you can learn to work with everyone else’s ideas and move them forward.”

For everyone – “So much about leadership isn’t about the answer, but asking the right questions. These improv sessions really get folks comfortable with not having all the answers and being able to think on the fly and also stop and start listening to better understand.”

Specifically for Attorneys – We’ve worked with attorneys through our workshops and via our CLE Credit Workshops (3 credits) – Corporate Workshops.

Designed to provide attorneys with techniques for handling the unpredictable, thinking on their feet, presenting with authority, being more creative, building rapport. The sessions are not about being funny, but focused on the tactics and skills that improvisers use to be successful, which directly correlate to skills attorneys will use in client meetings, depositions and courtroom settings.  

Lawyers might have to adjust on the fly in the courtroom. When you are listening hard…you can pick up on things you weren’t expecting and better read a room.”

For Politicians“The kind of storytelling and listening skills can be really helpful in fund-raising situations, or if an unexpected question comes their way.”

Give the article a read when you get a chance – Why Every Boss Should Take an Improv Class!

If you’re looking to learn more about how a Team Building Workshop or another corporate improv workshop we offer could be a fit for your team, your attorneys, your senior leadership team, new managers, etc., reach out to Matt and he’ll be happy to give you more details.

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