Ten Weird Things We’ve Been Asked About Taking Improv Class

Posted On:05.22.2015
Posted by Jon Carr
  1. I’m really funny. Do I have to take improv classes, or can I just sign up to perform with you guys?

Whoa, fella, slow down! We sure you think you’re hilarious, but it takes some time to develop the skills to play on stage with the Dad’s crew. Whenever you see a really funny person on our stage, know that they spent years honing their craft in class, volunteering at our box office, and probably scrubbing our toilets (we can’t afford a maid). So, unless you are already on Comedy Central, you gotta take improv classes before you can audition to be a “rookie” performer.

  1. Performing scares me! I don’t want to take a class where an audience is going to be watching me. How many people will be watching me in class?

Wait, you think we have audiences watch our improv classes? Sorry to break it to you, but nobody wants to watch you take an improv class. You will not be learning in front of a live audience—except for your classmates. Most improv classes have 8-16 people in them, so there’s hardly enough people to call it an “audience.” Seriously, after about 30 minutes of performing in front of classmates and you won’t worry about the “audience” judging you (unless you are wearing socks with sandals, then we are judging you).

  1. I majored in improv in college! Can I skip to level 4?

You majored in improv? Wow, your parents must be… really proud… of you. So, even if you are the most bomb-ass improviser, you gotta go through all the levels of improv class with us! Sorry! Every theater, school, and club has a different way of performing improv, and you have to learn our ways. It seriously does take 4 levels for us to fully indoctrinate you into our cult, but we promise to make it fun.

  1. Do I need to come prepared with a monologue or skit for class?

NOPE! This isn’t standup comedy, it’s improv! That means we just make shit up on the fly as we go and call it funny! Improv class is great because there’s not really homework, we don’t test you, and all you have to do is show up and have fun.

  1. How many drinks/joints/xanaxes should I have before coming to improv class?

Honestly, probably none. A drink is nice to loosen you up; however, you have to pay attention in improv… a lot. Even if you aren’t talking on stage, you still have to be present in the scene. If you’re so mellowed out that you can’t jump in and have fun, improvising will be really hard. You’re going to get so jazzed up in class anyway, you probably don’t need downers beforehand.

  1. My girlfriend/boyfriend and I signed up for improv class together and we want to take all four levels together because we can absolutely never ever be separated. Is that okay?

We get that you want to take improv class with folks you are familiar with, but we suggest you open yourself up to new people. The more personalities you get to play with on stage, the better you will become as a performer. Sure, we’ll try to put you guys in the same class together, but we don’t make any guarantees. And if you guys break up, please leave the drama outside the classroom, okay?

  1. What this I hear about a showcase? Are you going to be making money off me by selling tickets to my show?

Level 2 and up improv classes usually conclude with a student showcase. This is your chance to show off to your friends what the heck you’ve learned in improv classes. We don’t make money off these showcases (we’re lucky if everyone is able to get their partner/best friend to show up), and this ends up being a low-key “graduation” day with your improv class buddies. You’ll get a few minutes of stage time, we’ll take some pictures, and then everyone goes to get beer! Perfect!

  1. I have terrible incurable stagefright that causes me to uncontrollably shit my pants. Will this be a problem in improv class?

First of all, if you’re that worried, then wear an adult diaper. Second of all, improv class is extremely low-stakes. You’ll get so used to being watched by your fellow classmates that the stagefright will wash away… just like the stains in the back of your pants!

  1. Failure is my enemy. If I fail at improv class I fail at life. Does this mean I can’t take your classes?

There’s a lot of failure in improv. Especially in the beginning when you are just learning the tricks of the trade, you’ll stumble and say/do some pretty stupid things in class. But that’s okay—it’s part of the fun! While we are not replacement for psychotherapy, improv class will definitely help reduce your fear of failure. It’s okay! We all fail, all the time, a lot! You’ll get over it.

  1. I’m signing up for improv class so I can get more tail. Is this a good idea?

Well, studies have shown that funny people make better lovers, but we have no control over improving your game, stud. A lot of people sign up for improv class because they want to have that fearlessness that helps score some dates… and plenty of people say improv teaches confidence for dating… but we’re making no promises. Seriously, have you looked at the people who do comedy? They’re not the most attractive people you’ll ever meet. If you’ve got low standards though…