Tom Rittenhouse

Tom’s eyes are greenish brown. His hair is brownish blonde. His height is 5’8″ish. And his bloodline definitely has some English. Dude’s got so much ish, he IS the ish. Freakin’ Ishtar up in this piece. But if you want to get specific (and you do), Tom’s been doing ‘prov since 2006. He’s created some formats like “Teddy Bears, Rainbows, and Milkshakes” and “S’morror Stories.” He’s performed in scripted stuff, too, like “Dementia Juice,” “Wrath of Con,” and “44 Plays for 44 Presidents,” to name a few. Tom directed the summer frozen treat blockbuster “King of Pops: A Post-Apocalyptic Musical.” Oh and he’s in some small way responsible for a lot of the DGTV videos. Other than that, he’s an intensely private person with a rare medical condition called “gummy lungs.”