Perry Frost

Performs at Dad’s Garage as Perry Frost, antagonizes blonde women as Rumplestiltskin. Founding member of the all-girl noir improv team Pussy Pearls: Private Eye. Voted “Tallest Female Cast Member” ever since Eve left.

With zero theater training before taking Level 1 improv classes in 2008, Perry humbly defers all blame for her biggest onstage failures to the Dad’s Garage education system. The laughs are all her.

Perry moonlights as a makeup artist, which means she takes longer than you to get ready and if you lick your thumb and rub it across her eyebrows, they disappear.

Her niche for 3 years total has been performing in murder mysteries. The only thing that has died in the suburbs more than Perry is punk rock. Feather boas are her favorite fashion accessory, snake substitute, and choking hazard.

Writing is the new frontier for Perry at Dad’s Garage, and she promises that all of her upcoming projects, like this bio, will contain the word “Pussy.”