Associate Artistic Director -- Corporate

Matt Horgan

Matt has been improvising since 1994, when he joined the “We’re Not Your Mother Players” while attending the University of South Carolina. After graduating from SC with a BFA in Media Arts (completely useless), Matt moved to Atlanta and saw an improv show at Dad’s Garage. He witnessed a scene where Matt Stanton played a talking chicken and Joseph Limbaugh ripped out his heart and took a bite. This was obviously the place. Matt has been performing, teaching, directing and writing at Dad’s Garage for fifteen years now. He has created and directed such popular Dad’s improv formats as Ask Dr. Frapples: Improv Psychiatry, Murder, She Improvised, Nite Skool and Gritty Cop Drama, as well as the wildly unsuccessful Justal System. He has also written or co-written a number of shows for Dad’s, including Z.O.N.K.E.R.S. – An 80’s Tit Comedy, Song of the Living Dead: A Zombie Musical, The Going Out of Business Show, Drove, Chick & Boozy’s Christmas on Ice and the Dad’s Garage sketch show, Free Parking. In addition to making the adults chuckle from time to time, Matt entertains the young ‘uns as Larry Lederhosen, the human host of Dad’s longtime improvised kids’ show, Uncle Grampa’s Hoo Dilly Storytime. He has also had the pleasure & honor of representing Dad’s Garage improv for two European Tours and at a host of tournaments & festivals all over the US and Canada. Matt has been on staff at Dad’s as an Associate Artistic Director since May of 2011. In his free time away from Dad’s, Matt plays lots of video games and serves on the Board of Directors for Zoetic Dance Ensemble, a modern dance troupe based in Atlanta.