Taylor Roy

Posted On:06.21.2017
Posted by Jon Carr
Taylor Roy
Featured Performer

Originally hailing from Louisiana, Taylor Roy has lived in seven states, the most recent being Georgia, Illinois, and Georgia once more. He has a degree in theatre from GC&SU in Milledgeville (it’s now called Georgia College, an infuriatingly generic name).He has been doing improv since he was wee. An alumni of Chicago’s Improv Olympic, he also worked at Second City, washing dishes and frying mozzarella sticks for comedy’s movers and shakers (people your mom might recognize). He is suitably ecstatic that Dad’s Garage gave him the time of day, and promises to keep their secrets safe no matter what, torture notwithstanding.When not doing this kind of stuff, he enjoys books, martinis, cats, board games, and towels fresh from the dryer. Aren’t those nice? Mmmmm.Taylor can currently be seen performing with the group Witless Protection.