Taylor Ragowski

Posted On:06.21.2017
Posted by Jon Carr
Taylor Dooley
Artistic Family

After graduating from Emory University a while ago, Taylor moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and mild tom-foolery. It seems that her wild antics in a drag/sketch show in the basement of a Mexican restaurant in Silverlake helped land her the role of Dana Bernstein in Q. Allan Brocka’s award-winning animated series, “Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World”. Other awesome voiceover credits include 3 characters in the video game “Brutal Legend” and several segments of Victorian Era erotica for Playboy Radio. She then followed her future husband and father of her daughter back to Atlanta in 2009 where she got picked up by J Pervis Talent Agency and continued doing more film, TV, and theater. She became a Dad’s Garage Rookie in 2011 and a General Company member in 2012. Scripted Dad’s credits include Slaughter Camp, Effed Up Fairy Tales (she won a Daddy for that one), and Dementia Juice. Her proudest achievement at Dad’s is being the first out and proud pregnant improviser in the company’s history, and she hopes to release her mucus plug on the stage. She’s crossing her fingers and spreading her legs for that dream to come true.