Megan Dahl

Posted On:06.26.2017
Posted by cyril Bruckler
DGTV Line Producer

Megan graduated from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2006 with a BFA in Film, Video, and New Media. She specialized in bad funny, and was often seen bent over clay dinosaurs creating hundreds of seconds of claymation. Before that she puttered around the University of Texas at Austin making weird videos, appearing in local movies, and generally enjoying being from the greatest state. Since moving to Atlanta, Megan has worked for Primary Pictures as Production Manager on the Discovery Channel special “Discovering Ardi”, freelance for Blue Sky Ad Agency, ShakeTable Productions, Scout Marketing, and Magnetic vs Crystal Productions, and is a proud member of the Atlanta Rollergirls. Working for Dad’s Garage (TV) combines comedy and video, Megan’s favorite things.

<strong>Likes:</strong> whiskey, being on time, being under budget

<strong>Dislikes:</strong> messy spreadsheets, mushrooms, people who say film when they mean video