Isabelle Gilbert

Posted On:09.27.2018
Posted by Jon Carr
Isabelle Gilbert

Isabelle was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She studied English and Creative writing at Georgia State University. After college, she made good money as a Pilates instructor, but by 2013 she’d said everything she could ever possibly say about the abdominals, so she went to graduate school for fiction at Cornell University. She didn’t exactly get her Master’s degree because it turns out Isabelle is not good at sitting still and focusing. You can read her stories “Warhawks” and “Gypsum” in the literary magazines The Collagist and Phoebe, respectively. Enjoy them, because she probably won’t write anymore. In January 2017 she became a student at Dad’s Garage Theatre and in July of 2018 she proudly joined the rookie cast. Isabelle is also an improviser with Queeriety, Atlanta’s only all queer improv team. Isabelle lives with Penny, a deaf and blind twelve-year-old puggle. That is a kind of dog.