Anna Giles

Posted On:08.09.2018
Posted by Jon Carr
Anna Giles
Featured Performer

Anna Giles has been a performer since her high school theatre teacher put her in a chorus part instead of giving her a lead role in the school play (true story). This was before she had heard the “there are no small parts” quote. She vowed that day that she would never be cast in a chorus role again…and then went on to do a couple more chorus roles, but also some supporting and lead roles! She’s been improvising since 2011, when she started training at Jet City Improv in Seattle and then went on to Groundlings in Los Angeles and Dad’s in ATL. She has been in films with the likes of Aidan Gillen of Game of Thrones fame to Courtney Stodden of internet fame. She has written corporate video scripts for Delta here in the A, and produced microbudget horror films in LA/Seattle while pregnant with a broken foot. Anna is also co-founder of Atlanta’s first all-LGBTQ+ improv team/entertainment group, Queeriety. If you ask her what her hobbies are, a blank look will dawn on her face as if to suggest that she has no hobbies and is married to the grind. Oh, and the people at Dad’s are probably her favorite folks ever!