Alyssa Brosy

Posted On:06.30.2017
Posted by Jon Carr
Front of House

Alyssa was born and raised near Atlanta, and graduated from Kennesaw State University with a BA in Theatre and Performance Studies.

She’s been loafing around Dad’s Garage as a spectator since Wrath of Con back in 2012 and she has been going to shows every weekend since. Unable to get rid of her, Dad’s hired her on as a House Manager to help keep the place looking slick and because she pretty much lives here under the front desk anyway.

When she’s super cool, they’ll hire her on to be the wardrobe dresser for scripted shows. Her first Dad’s show as a dresser was Battle Space Wars and made sure that all the improvisors look fly AF as Cylons and Princess Leia’s. She’s also worked Thankskilling: The Musical, Ten Ways to Ruin Everything, and Invasion Christmas Carol in 2016.

If she doesn’t say hi to you first, feel free to say “what’s up?” to her and she’ll say “the show, duh” because you’re probably standing in the lobby and the performances are upstairs. Opp