Team Meetings – The “How, What, Why, Where” of Team Meetings

Posted On:03.22.2019

Atlanta, Georgia – We’ve written about team meetings in the past, all in an effort to try and make it so fewer meetings suck…and hopefully, that’s the case for you.

Our past blog posts have included a handful of tips for running more effective meetings, to how active listening skills play a role in meetings, to collaboration tips for managers, to how to manage remote teams.

Working with clients in the Atlanta-area, we’ll often start off a day of meetings with one of our unique team building experiences, or slot in after lunch as a fun perk-up to get everyone engaged, thinking, collaborating and laughing together.

team meetings
Take your next meeting out of the office for a different dynamic

Here are a few more tips for setting up team meetings that not only make sense and accomplish whatever goals you’ve set, but are opportunities to increase engagement and make everyone feel like a valued member of the group.

Meetings should be designed so colleagues connect and support each other as you make decisions, or work together on problem-solving.

Everyone on your team should look forward to going to a meeting and feel at least somewhat inspired when they leave. I know it might not be realistic for every time the team exits a meeting each individual is feeling full of inspiration, but it should happen more often than not, and there certainly shouldn’t be a time when people walk out feeling emotionally exhausted, or dejected…even if the content of the meeting was difficult.

The way to do that is to plan, prepare and set up for success.                                                                                    

Let’s look at one tip from each of the above list in the title – the how, what, why, where

How: how to set up a meeting with the best chance of success?
The number one determinant to whether a meeting will be successful or not is the attitude and approach of the people in the room. How you show up is everything. So be sure to arrive with a positive attitude. It’s the single most important thing you can do as a leader. Don’t be the type of manager who trudges in, already downtrodden, or making comments about how much you dislike meetings. Model the behaviour you want your team to embrace and it will be infectious.

What and Why: What can you do to help set up a meeting for the best chance of success?
What you can do is be sure to send out an agenda and make sure everyone attending knows “why” the meeting is happening and what you’re trying to accomplish.

And whenever possible, include the entire team in the process of putting the agenda together. A day or two before the meeting, ask the group for their input.

Where – try and mix it up a bit. Walk by the boardroom to another space in the office, host your next meeting outside at a nearby park, head to the coffee shop, or share appetizers at a local restaurant, or get more ambitious for a larger team meeting (annual strategy session, etc.) and head to another city for a night or two. Las Vegas is always a good option and not because of the 24-hour potential for extra-curricular fun…but off-sites can be valuable bonding a group, increasing the brainstorming, and pushing beyond boundaries.


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