Team-Building Tip: 1 Tip to Make Every Employee Feel Valued

Posted On:09.11.2018

There are a variety of reasons why someone takes a job – but people only stay in their job when they feel they’re a valued member of a team. Here is a Team Building Tip to help you make sure every employee is connected, engaged and feels valued by their co-workers.

When that’s the case, you have a happier, healthier and more productive team.

Team Building Tip – when we design one of our Team Building Workshops for a client, a core focus is often on helping create an environment where everyone on the team trusts their colleagues and knows they can count on them for support.

Team-Building Tip

Team Building Tip – “Yes, And” your meetings

We and our clients have a blast during these corporate workshops, going through activities that highlight strategies and techniques that build teams people love working with (our clients includeGeneral Mills, Delta Airlines, UPS, the Atlanta Hawks, Coca Cola, Twitter, Home Depot and many others).

The one team building you can put into practice today that will go a long way toward making every employee feel values is:

Add this one tip and we guarantee you’ll see an appreciable increase in the level of trust and support throughout your group.

As you may or may not know, the concept of “Yes, and…” is one of the basic tenets of improvisation.

“Yes, and…” two simple words. Two of the most used words in the English language. But in this context, each word does some heavy lifting, serving a specific purpose.

When an idea is presented:

“Yes” starts the ball rolling by providing acceptance and positive confirmation to the person who offered it.

That’s a great start, but it doesn’t stop there.  

And” follows to give the idea fuel and push it forward. “And” is taking the idea and building on it, allowing others to then offer their ideas in a judgement free space.

Yes, and…” requires individuals to actively listen and react in the moment, while taking the all-too-common reflexive “No”  off the table. Those early “Nos” not only stall discussion, prematurely tanking collaborative experiences that could produce real value, but over time they’ll also dampen the spirit of team members who offer the idea.

(Next week we’ll write about where “no” fits into all this – and it does)

You can see how the “Yes, and…” concept can be a game-changer for a team. Whether you’re brainstorming, problem-solving, going over a budget, working through a new initiative…whatever it is, interjecting “Yes, and…” will produce a lot more ideas, but it will also encourage contributions from all team members. By its nature, it creates an environment where everyone knows their ideas will be valued and built upon. The natural by-product of that is a team that trusts colleagues, feels supported and valued.

So at your next team meeting, start off by creating a ground rule that whenever an idea is presented, the response needs to be “Yes, and…”.

See how that feels, where it takes you.

In our follow-up piece, we’ll outline this Team Building Tip with more detail, outlining how you can make it sustainable and second nature for your teams.

If you’d like to talk to us about designing a Team Building Workshop for your team, one that includes “Yes, and…” connect with Matt to find out more.

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