More Summer Team Building Ideas

Posted On:03.19.2019

Atlanta, Georgia – Last week we wrote about summer team building activities, so this week we thought we’d add a few more ideas for team’s that are looking at a summer activity for their teams.

There are a number of options for team building in the Atlanta area, including getting everyone together for some summer fun, while avoiding the heat.

In that first article, we highlighted our approach here at Dad’s Garage to a summer team building experience, which focuses on the improv-based sessions we do with groups. But if you’re looking for an option you can easily set-up in your office.

Summer Team Building Ideas

If you are bringing on new staff in the summer it’s important to seek out opportunities for team building experiences focused on connecting the new staff to their teams on the organization.

The process of onboarding new employees is something that really does need attention. It plays a large role in retention (studies show a solid onboarding process can increase retention rates up to 30%), employee satisfaction and the productivity of new hires.  

Onboarding needs to happen quickly, so again, if there is an influx of new staff as you hit the summer months, putting a team building experience on the calendar is a great idea.
(Here’s a blog focused on tips for onboarding new staff)

Here are a few summer team building activities that are easy to set-up and will get your team interacting, laughing together and getting to know each other better in a casual fun way.

 Minute to Win it
The TV show blasted “Minute to Win It” into the zeitgeist, making it hard to avoid at kid’s birthday parties or, heaven help us, some adult parties, but for some quick team building that doesn’t require a lot of set-up, it’s actually a good fit for the office. Add a soft competitive element to add a little extra fun.
Check out Pinterest for options (Team Building ideas on Pinterest), or google away and you’ll find tons of ideas.

The Name Game
Before you immediately re-name this one “The Lame Game” – resist. It’s actually a lot of fun, and when you can get your group laughing together, that in itself is a valuable team building exercise. So before you discount it, give it a try.
Here’s how: write down a bunch of famous people’s names on a sticky note (they can be living or dead), and then go around and stick one note to each team member’s back. Have everyone mingle, asking questions to determine who they are, getting hints from their colleagues.
This one is quick and easy to roll out.

Beer Me
Happy-hour with a twist. A perfect summer team building activity, as it gets you out of the office, into air-conditioned spaces, with a cold drink included. Head out on a tour of a few local craft breweries. You’ll be supporting local businesses, while having fun as a team.
Rent some transportation to take you all around and of course, anyone who is drinking won’t be driving after, so make arrangements for that (with designated drivers or Ubers, etc.).
A few local spots that will set up the tour nicely are Orpheus Brewing near Piedmont Park, the Wrecking Bar, just south of Little 5 Points (on the basement floor of a Victorian home), and Scofflaw Brewing on the Westside…and there are several others you can put into the mix, depending on where you’re located and the number of places you’d like to hit.

Enjoy the summer!

And if you happen to be reading this and you’re in the Orlando area (summer team building in Orlando), or up in Vancouver, BC (team building activities in Vancouver), our friends in those cities also offer great options.