Summer Team Building Activity

Posted On:03.15.2019

“and the heat, my goodness, the heat”
– Elaine Benes

Atlanta, Georgia – As Puddy says, “it’s going to be rough”….not quite the going to hell kind of heat Elaine’s referring to, but summer in the south can be rather oppressive at times and to that we say, this could be a good time to perk of the group with a fun summer team building activity.  

Sure scheduling can be tough, what with all the holiday time booked, but what the heck, give it a shot.

Summer Team Building Activity

I’ve always found the middle of summer to be a great time to queue up a team building event. For most organizations you’re hitting the mid-point of the current fiscal calendar and have a pretty good idea of how everything is shaping up.

If you lead a sales team, you might be looking at a fun reward type of session. We’ve got you covered. Or you might be looking to push the re-set button and get the team together for a team building activity, combined with our presentation skills workshops that are a perfect fit for sales teams.

Or maybe there’s some changes happening within your organization that are creating a bit of anxiety and instability. Whether it’s new policies, large system updates, a round of hirings, changes in leadership, or unfortunately, with some of our clients it’s layoffs that have staff struggling with handling the changes. One of our team building sessions can be tailored to 1) bring everyone together through laughter and collaborating, and 2) also add messaging focused on handling change in the workplace.

Summer has also been, traditionally, a good time for management to get together for a mid-year check in mixed with a leadership development component. If you do have a day of management strategy sessions, or development planned, connect with Matt (see his contact details below) to see how we can start your day off with a custom designed session that will bring the group together, kick-off the meetings with energy and laughter, while highlighting strategies and techniques the leadership team can use when managing their respective teams – whether in the areas of creating a more collaborative environment, a team that embraces the unpredictable and looks at change as opportunities, a team that is more open to innovation and creativity, or becoming more agile, etc.

(here’s a quick team building tip – team building tips for managers)

Or you’re just looking to have some fun – that’s right up our alley. We’ve got you covered. Team building with Dad’s Garage will help you beat the summer heat, at least for a while and you’ll have a blast together.


If you’d like to talk to us about designing a workshop reach out to Matt to learn more.

( or by phone at (404) 523-3141 x 205)

And if you’re in Orlando or Dallas, to other cities that are not unfamiliar with summer heat, and looking for a fun summer team building activity, check out SAK Comedy LAB (summer team building activities in Orlando) and Improv to Improve (team building activities in Dallas)