Scandal!: Felt Street – Week 4 Recap

Posted On:02.17.2020
Recap written by volunteer Christopher Allison

We rejoin Roosevelt and Refuse, having just made amends, watching The Great British Bakeoff. Refuse, happy to have Roosevelt back in his life, is still a little depressed about Agnes breaking up with him and uncertain about starting a detective agency with Madame M. Roosevelt ponders the paradoxical conundrum that is needing job experience in order to get a job and needing a job in order to get job experience. 

Bubblegum the cat is holding auditions to be in his gang, the Felt Street Scorpions. The Scorpions are focused on doing good deeds, but in a forceful manner. Kenny, desperate for a friend even though he won’t admit it, is canned immediately since Bubblegum knows it was Kenny who was behind the social security fraud scam. Kenny then offers to bring Bubblegum in on his latest scheme, threatening people with the coronavirus. Bubblegum immediately rejects stating “This isn’t a super villain gang!”. Despite it all, Bubblegum lets Kenny into the Scorpions.

Crossing Guard Jim walks into Olga’s bodega looking for a snack. During a conversation while enjoying a potato flavored vape, we learn that Jim has a wife in Mexico who has recently ceased communicating with him (she usually calls almost daily). Jim believes one of the Mexican cartels has kidnapped her and needs a million dollars, which Olga recently had returned to her, in order to find her. Olga suggests that he leave his wife and go to Canada instead.

At the local movie theatre, Madame M., Olga, and Agnes are chatting during the previews. Madame M. admits she brought them together, aside from friendship, in order to ask them to become informants for her new detective agency. Olga and Agnes whole heartedly agree; both of them have experience dealing with mob stuff. During the conversation, Agnes hints that she is not over Refuse.

Lawyer-saurus Rex and John Lewis, Olga’s pet female chicken, have just spent a passionate night of love making together. Rex is unsure about his performance, but John Lewis assures him that she was thoroughly satisfied. John Lewis then reveals that she is pregnant with a dozen eggs and Rex is the father.

Refuse, browsing the annual “half-price chocolate day” sale at the local drug store, bumps into Agnes. She is glad to see that Refuse has had his identity restored. Agnes admits that she was too proud to come back to Refuse after learning the truth of the Social Security fraud scheme. The two make amends over a shared box of chocolates. 

Madame M. is working her part-time secretary job at Lawyer-saurs Rex’s office when Rex rushes in excited about becoming a dad of a dozen kids. Madame M. says she saw a vision of him fathering eleven children to which Rex says “I like eating eggs.” Just then, John Lewis calls saying she has gone into labor.

Kenny is approached by Olga looking for some investing advice while browsing her bodega. Wanting something for himself, Kenny attempts and fails to hypnotize Olga. She apologises to Kenny for getting him drunk (there isn’t a law saying an eight year old puppet can’t drink, so it’s all good) and offers to be his friend. Kenny, doing his best to hide his excitement, is overjoyed at the offer but immediately dismisses her once she reveals that she has never taken the SAT’s.

Bubblegum is now holding the dance portion of his gang auditions between Rosevelt and Crossing Guard Jim. The two perform a combination freestyle and tango routine, which immediately impresses Bubblegum. Bubblegum then says that whoever can draw first blood in a fight can join his gang. Roosevelt, having recently matured, refuses to fight. In order to keep Roosevelt in the audition, Bubblegum settles for a cake baking competition but states that the eggs must be fresh.

Madame M. and Refuse are setting up shop at their new detective agency and trying to figure out a name for it. Crossing Guard Jim walks in looking for help on clearing his name for smearing chocolate all over the street and to a lesser extent finding his wife. Having an aside with Madame M., Refuse admits that it was he and Agnes who smeared the chocolate on the ground. Jim then notices something brown on Refuse’s paw and tastes it in order to confirm that it’s chocolate. In an attempt to cover Refuse’s tracks, Madame M. tells Refuse to lie to Jim about the chocolate and say that it’s actually poop. 

John Lewis is nesting on her clutch of eggs when Lawyer-saurus Rex walks in. Rex is uncertain about their future together since they are a mixed faith home. Rex agrees to convert to Catholicism, John Lewis’s belief system, despite being an atheist. In an attempt to bond with his unhatched children, Rex demands to hold one of the eggs and immediately drops one (undamaged) as soon as he gets his hands on it.

Lounging by his trash can, Bubblegum is approached by Agnes who is disappointed she was not asked to join the Felt Street Scorpions, being the toughest woman on Felt Street. Bubblegum says he assumed it was obvious that she was in and immediately welcomes her. Agnes then states her hesitancy at letting in Kenny to the gang and demands that she be the one to approve new members, to which Bubblegum meekly agrees. The two then discuss the plans to hold a bake sale to cure Rickets, despite there already being a cure. 

Back at Olga’s, Kenny is enjoying a bowl of melted ice cream soup and making uncomfortable advances towards her. Roosevelt walks in looking for an egg substitute for the baking competition and leaves with what appears to be a sack full of tennis balls. Kenny is looking to get Olga’s money in order buy influence on and take control of Felt Street, but Olga refuses.

Cross Guard Jim, Refuse, and Lawyer-saurus Rex are hanging on a street corner; Rex has taken two of John Lewis’ eggs and states that things are not going to workout between the two of them. Converting to Catholicism was not as easy as Rex thought. Jim attempts to give an anecdote about a recent vacation, but Rex keeps interjecting and derailing the conversation. Jim then goes on to say that the point of the story is “Let someone be crazy and stand by them.”

Roosevelt, tennis balls in hand, walks into Madame M’s office (now in fortune teller mode) looking for a reading about his career opportunities. Roosevelt is uncertain about the tennis balls fooling Bubblegum, but Madame M. assures him that Bubblegum can be easily fooled. Madame M. then offers Roosevelt a part-time psychic position. 

Olga and Bubblegum are going over details for the Cure for Rickets Bake Sale. Olga wants to be in the Scorpions as well, citing her gang knowledge and fighting abilities. Bubblegum, slightly annoyed that everyone thinks the Scorpions are a violent gang, lets Olga join. Bubblegum then runs off to find Olga a dead rodent as a “present” for Valentine’s Day.

Agnes, tired of hearing Kenny blast heavy metal from the apartment beneath her, confronts him so she can “soothe herself.” Kenny says that if he doesn’t use his music to let out his inner rage, Felt Street could be destroyed. Agnes rolls her eyes at this statement and tells Kenny she knows it was him who sent the fake text messages to her. Kenny cries and apologizes, but Agnes sees through his crocodile tears immediately. Still wanting to join the Scorpions, Kenny begs Agnes to approve his membership. Agnes strong arms Kenny into paying her a “protection” fee and to make a promise to show allegiance to the Scorpions instead of just himself.

At the bake sale, everyone has joined in to help out. Rex and John Lewis have brought their nest of eggs. One of the eggs is immediately dropped and breaks, leaving 11 eggs. Madame M. is elated that her “vision” has come true. Bubblegum then immediately jumps at the opportunity to eat the dead egg. Rex has realized that he doesn’t want to become a father, but agrees to make child support payments. Devastated at the thought of having to raise 11 chicken/dinosaur children, John Lewis commits suicide by jumping out of her nest in Olga’s arms onto the ground. Crossing Guard Jim attempts to resuscitate John Lewis, but fails. Bubblegum then picks up John Lewis’ body and delivers it back to Olga as a gift instead of the promised rodent. Jim then confronts Refuse about the chocolate incident, believing it was he who did it. The two exchange words that lead to Roosevelt and Madame M. having a dance-off. Refuse stops everyone in order to give a speech about love and confess to the cover up. The final moment ends with Jim forgiving Refuse and Madame M. promising to go to Mexico in order to find Jim’s still missing wife.