Scandal!: Felt Street – Week 3 Recap

Posted On:02.10.2020
Recap written by Christopher Allison

Picking up after the murder of Dow Jones, we join Agnes and Madame M. on Felt Street commiserating about being single. Madame M. offers to help Agnes dispel the negative energy in her life by placing healing stones on her body. During the placing of the stones, Agnes reflects on her sexual escapades with Refuse. After 15 minutes of guttural wailing, Madame M. completes her ritual.

Meanwhile, Bubblegum (having just joined a gang and adorned in an adorable little jean jacket with an anarchy logo on the back) runs into Roosevelt while scoping out his new territory. Roosevelt is regretting betraying Refuse, causing him to become broodier (as shown by his new leather jacket and gloves).

Wayne Trissel visits Olga for the first time since running off with everyone’s money and “investing” it all in a Marta Breeze card. An understandably hostile Olga flips over his chair, forcing him to sit on one of the upturned legs, and refuses to serve Wayne his favorite meal of sardines and mustard until she gets her money back. Wayne attempts to save face by claiming that sitting on the leg is great for his hemorrhoids and that they are a sign of his strength of character. Olga rebuttals by saying that calluses are a true sign of strength, coming from handling intense pressure. Wayne offers to take Olga as far as Marta will go to escape from her tough life, but she refuses to leave the modest business she has built for herself.

Refuse, still heartbroken from Agnes breaking up with him, is seeking solace from Lawyer-saurus Rex. Rex offers to help Refuse get revenge through the legal system but Refuse refuses.

Kenny runs into Crossing Guard Jim (an upbeat crossing guard who’s always ready to help at the right price) and offers to bring him in on his latest scheme. Upon some unwanted physical contact from Kenny, Jim refuses his offer and remains happy to keep his distance from Kenny and continue running his crosswalk toll operation.

Agnes returns home to her apartment with a fresh load of groceries when Roosevelt bumps into her. After helping her with her groceries, the two confront the elephant in the room that is the relationship between her and Refuse. Agnes slaps Roosevelt for a petty comment he makes about her, to which he apologizes for. Roosevelt goes so far as to defend Refuse, saying that the text messages Agnes received didn’t sound like they were from Refuse; Refuse loved Agnes so much that he baked a cake, wrote her name on it, and ate it for himself. Agnes is suspicious that Roosevelt is somehow involved in this (having previously obtained Refuse’s social security number).

Bubblegum, Wayne Trissel, and Crossing Guard Jim are debating their territory coverage at Bubblegum’s trash can. Bubblegum and Jim get into a dispute about their respective territories, proving “the classic parable of the cat and the man” true: cats and men can never get along. The two get into a fight after Bubblegum calls Jim a pig; this prompts Jim to defecate inside Bubblegum’s trash can and Bubblegum to spray the closest crosswalk in retaliation. The leave threatening to fight again if they come in contact again.

Olga and Lawyer-saurus Rex are discussing the local fight club at Olga’s bodega when Kenny walks in looking for something to drink. Olga serves Kenny some appletini soup and   immediately gets drunk. In his drunken state, Kenny reveals that his jerk-like attitude is only a facade in order to get people to like him and that he acts out because his mom never liked him. Additionally, he reveals that he was the one who hacked Refuse’s phone with his social number. Neither Olga or Rex were able to understand any of his confessions though due to his slurred and incoherent speech.

Refuse approaches Madame M. in her office in hopes of getting a reading. Using her rune tiles, Madame M. sees three runes that resonate with her. A dagger shaped rune confirms her suspicions that Wayne Trissel is up to something (“He’s always looking for a kidnapped kid in the sewers”). A rune shaped like the letter “F” comes to her in her mind since it’s the letter of the week. A bucket shaped rune leads her to believe that they should spy on the other Felt Street residents using Bubblegum’s trash can (still filled with Crossing Guard Jim’s poop).

Agnes, who is having plumbing issues in her apartment, calls on Wayne Trissel to help her. After de-clogging the toilet he climbed out of, Wayne tries to seduce Agnes but is refused. Wayne regrets taking everyone’s money after realizing two million dollars in a Marta card was not the best use of the money. Agnes then convinces Wayne to give her the Marta card (now at a balance of $1,999,997.50) as a form of reparation.

Lawyer-saurus Rex is taking Olga’s new hen (John Lewis) on a date with Olga chaperoning. Rex in his nervousness (and general clumsiness due to his small hands) spills his champagne; Olga drinks John Lewis’s during the commotion. Rex feels that Olga is being too much of a third wheel, but Olga refuses to leave because she disapproves of Rex seeing John Lewis since she is the only family she has.

Madame M. and Refuse begin their espionage mission disguised wearing a masquerade mask and a trash ghillie suit respectively. Madame M. arms herself with a dagger and Refuse with the letter “F”. Still suspicious of Wayne Trissel, Madame M. hides in the sewer while Refuse hides in Bubblegum’s trash can. Bubblegum returns and immediately finds Refuse, who shouts “Don’t make me F you” while brandishing his letter F. Wayne finds Madame M. in the sewer and the two struggle to climb out onto the main street. Wayne calls the whole operation a “Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup of sutterfuge” and vows to leave Felt Street or stay and make amends. When accused of hacking Refuse’s phone, Wayne proclaims that he loves Agnes and would have done anything to split the two apart but does not deny the accusation.

A still hungover Kenny is approached by Roosevelt who is looking to reverse the effects the hacking had. Unfortunately, Kenny is too hungover to do anything and proceeds to puke on Roosevelt.

Agnes meets up with Crossing Guard Jim to continue their symbiotic relationship. She passes along information she obtains from snooping in exchange for getting safe passage at every crosswalk in his territory. Agnes says she’s seen a lot of suspicious activity in Kenny’s apartment and suggests to Jim that he turn Kenny in for a reward and to become head of the neighborhood watch.

Wayne returns Olga her money after being riddled with guilt and unable to eat. Wayne reveals that he broke into the machine he used to deposit all the money into a Marta card in order to get it back.

Roosevelt returns to his shared apartment and stops outside the door in order to listen to Refuse sing his sorrows. The two reunite for the first time since the breakup and Roosevelt confesses to and apologizes for being responsible for Refuse’s phone getting hacked. Roosevelt, done with being broody, sheds his leather jacket, gloves, and shirt as a sign of his maturing. The two then begin to plot a way to seek revenge on Wayne Trissel for taking everyone’s money.