Scandal!: Felt Street – Week 2 Recap

Posted On:02.05.2020
Recap written by volunteer, Christopher Allison.

Continuing from the previous week, we join Refuse and Agnes on a date and reminiscing about throat singing. Ever since Refuse started seeing Agnes, he and Rosevelt have been in a rough patch in their friendship.

Roosevelt visits Madame M. in her office looking for a reading. Roosevelt agrees to give most of his meager savings for a reading from Madame M’s crystal ball. Instead of advice, Madame M. sees visions of mermaids and Roosevelt’s mom crying.

Wayne Trissle meets up with Lawyer-saurus Rex at Rex’s office and tries to recruit him for a money making scheme, a new snack line called Sewer Snacks. They consist of bits of droppings covered in paraffin wax.

Bubblegum visits Olga at her bodega hoping to find a new brand of kitty litter. Unfortunately for Olga’s pet chicken, Truett Cathy, Bubblegum eyes her for his next meal and attacks. After Bubblegum bites off Truett Cathy’s head, Madame M. passes by and takes it.

Nikki meets up with her best friend Kenny, a one sided friendship. Kenny has just gotten tenure at the local college and Nikki is sad Kenny will be leaving Felt Street. Kenny is relishing in the idea of proving how much smarter he is than everyone around him. 

Meanwhile, Dow Jones (a personified version of the stock market) arrives at Felt Street and meets Olga. Dow Jones asks what Olga’s life dream is. Olga, despite having war criminal parents, has already achieved her dream of owning a business. Looking for investors, Dow Jones asks Olga to invest her business in him. 

Lawyer-saurus Rex, Refuse, and Bubblegum meet together at the non-human support group. Rex is feeling depressed that he has no friends since he is an apex predator, but Bubblegum and Refuse agree to be his friend. 

Agnes and Madame M. are reflecting together on the changes to Felt Street over the years. Madame M. confesses to Agnes that she hasn’t had a romantic relationship in over a decade, to which Agnes gives some personal care advice. Madame M. then agrees to give Agnes a reading, using the Truett Cathy’s head. Madame M. predicts that Agnes will come into a large amount of money, but will break-up with Refuse.

Roosevelt meets Kenny, who is trying to sell Bitcoin, and agrees to help Kenny with his plan to takeover Felt Street. Roosevelt is to steal social security numbers and Kenny will do the computer hacking. 

Nikki visits Olga’s bodega looking for encouragement before her big baseball game. Nikki feels like she isn’t as smart as everyone else on Felt Street, but Olga tells Nikki she has street smarts. 

Wayne Trissle meets up with Dow Jones for the first time since Dow Jones lost Wayne’s money. Dow Jones entices Wayne to invest again after mentioning Olga made a quick million when she invested her business in Jones. Wayne then agrees to invest Sewer Snacks in Dow Jones.

Dow Jones brings everyone together at the Felt Street recreation center in order to drum up some more money to invest in Sewer Snacks. Towards the end of the meeting, Madame M. has a seizure-like vision and sees Sewer Snacks failing in the near future.

Refuse and Agnes return to his shared apartment where he confides that he needs to find a job. Roosevelt walks in on the pair (“Did you not see the panty hose on the door?”). After a brief conversation, Roosevelt manages to get Refuse’s social security number despite Agnes’s disapproval. 

Wayne is helping Bubblegum with his Sewer Snacks commercial audition. Bubblegum introduces a new freshly made snack to add to the brand, Doo-Doo Balls. During the conversation, Wayne hints that Lawyer-saurus Rex helped cover up his shady past. 

Lawyer-saurus Rex and Agnes find Nikki who is disappointed in not getting picked for a baseball team because she is left handed. It’s clear that no one on Felt Street knows anything about sports since a left-handed pitcher would be a huge advantage against any right handed batter. After Agnes promises to whoop anyone’s ass who hurts Nikki, Rex gives some words of encouragement after relating to never being able to effectively use his hands in his life.

Madame M. and Olga are perusing through pantsuit catalogues when Madame M. confesses that she isn’t a real psychic, but swears the seizure she had at the recreation center was a real vision.

Roosevelt meets up with Kenny to give him Refuse’s social security number. Kenny then gives some more details about his plan to take over Felt Street: he is going to hack into the local utility companies and cause mayhem through them.

Nikki passes by Bubblegum, who is now the face of Sewer Snacks, on the street and is given a fresh sample of Bubblegum’s Doo-Doo Balls. “Eat my goddamn Doo-Doo Balls!” Bubblegum exclaims just before Madame M. stops Nikki from eating them. Madame M. says she doesn’t recognize Bubblegum, her own cat, anymore since he’s gone corporate.

Refuse and Agnes are having a dinner date at Olga’s bodega when, unbeknownst to them, Kenny begins hacking Refuse’s credit card. Unable to pay his bills, Refuse is put to work trying to repair Olga’s dishwasher. Agnes then begins receiving text messages from Refuse, but are actually from Kenny, insulting her. Despite still receiving messages from the fake Refuse when the real Refuse is standing right in front of her, Agnes dumps Refuse and leaves him. 

Olga, after receiving her money from Dow Jones, is approached by Wayne Trissel and Lawyer-saurus Rex. Envious of her earnings, Wayne serenades Olga to give him her money.

In the closing scene, Dow Jones gathers everyone together again at the recreation center. Dow Jones confesses that he lost everyone’s money due to Olga pulling her money out and causing him to lose confidence in himself. Wayne, having obtained Olga’s money, run’s off into the sewers before anyone else can grab it and give it back to Dow Jones. Having lost everyone’s money and Wayne nowhere to be found, Felt Street turns on Dow Jones and tear him limb from limb.