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Posted On:04.18.2019

Atlanta, Georgia – Ahhh, the art of the sale…forget Alec Baldwin’s epic Glengarry Glen Ross rant (although it’s so good), we go a different direction with the sales training workshops we design for our clients.

sales training workshops atlanta

The fact is, the art of successful selling and the art of successful improv share a lot in common. Check out the content from virtually every sales training program in the market and chances are very good you’ll find a liberal does of improv techniques and tips as core pieces.

Success in the sales world is dependent on a variety of factors (product, support, pricing), but what aren’t variables are the need to be able to communicate, actively listen, be present and connect, tell your story, collaborate at a high level and be able to think on your feet. That hasn’t changed for millennia.

Some areas we often cover are:

And that – communicating, listening, collaborating and creating at a high level, thinking on your feet, embracing the unpredictable – is what makes improv work, and this forms the foundation for our sales training workshops.

 – tips for feeling confident going “off script”

 – handling unpredictable situations in a sales environment

 – building rapport with a potential client

 – the role of active listening and committing to being present

  – how a sales conversation should be a collaborative effort, one in which you both have a voice, and can reach a win-win agreement.

We’ll custom design one of our sales training workshops specifically to your team, providing strategies, techniques and tips you can immediately apply, whether you sell in person, over the phone, on an outbound team, or inbound team.

And as always with one of our sessions, you’re team is going to have a lot of fun together, while going through an experiential learning experience.

How to find out more:

Contact Associate Artistic Director Matt Horgan at or by phone at (404) 523-3141 x 205.


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