Improv Classes Atlanta – 4 Reasons to Take an Improv Class Today

Posted On:01.18.2019

Yes, taking improv classes will make you a better performer/actor… but there are many other reasons to take an improv class, including increasing your confidence in all situations, improving your public speaking skills, and overall communication skills, being more present and mindful, thinking on your feet and embracing the unpredictable, having a “Yes, And” approach to life…and of course, meeting new people and having fun.

Below are the four reasons you should look at taking improv classes

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Reasons to Take an Improv Class

Reason #4) Embrace Failure
Yes, this is a good thing. Improv is about embracing the unpredictable and not fretting about messing up – because that’s going to happen. And guess what…it’s going to be okay. And even better, something amazing might come from what you initially thought was a mistake, or a ‘fail”. It’s a great way to go through life (and incredibly difficult to do), but embracing failure means you tried and you learned.
Improv classes will teach you how to re-wire how you think about failure. And that’s a gift.

Reason #3) Become a More Confident Public Speaker
This doesn’t mean you’re going to be asked to do any public speaking in class, but you will learn tips and techniques to become a more engaging, confident public speaker and ‘storyteller”.
Most people (think 99%) are terrified of the idea of public speaking. Improv classes set you up for success in this area, helping you in an incredibly supportive environment. Sure, at some point you’ll be speaking in front of your peers, but you’ll be doing so surrounded by classmates who are pulling for you, an instructor who is there to provide support and a foundation of improv-based strategies that will help you find your voice and confidently deliver your message.

Reason #2) Get Out of Your Head
Improv is about being in the moment and trusting your instincts. You’ll learn to shake off that nagging feeling of constant second-guessing and indecisiveness. And piggy-backing on this one, you’ll learn to focus on the present – you have to be hyper-present to be a strong teammate in an improv scene. You can’t be thinking about something a co-worker said at lunch, or having to move on the weekend, or your student loan…it’s all about the present.

Reason #1) Having Fun
You’re going to have a lot of fun with a new group of friends. There is so much positive energy within Improv Classes, that regardless of how you were feeling when you arrived, you’ll be on a natural high on your way out. You’re going to learn, create, collaborate and share a lot of laughter with people from a wide-range of backgrounds. Connections will be made, friendships created (likely some lasting ones) all while having a blast together.

There you have it, a few reasons why an improv class could be something you treat yourself to.

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