Puppyprov Uses Laughter to Find Forever Homes for Cute Dogs

Posted On:10.19.2017
By Casey Morris
What do you get when you combine adorable adoptable dogs from Angels Among Us Pet Rescue and the quick wit of Dad’s Garage improvisers? PuppyProv, of course!

PuppyProv was every bit as awesome as it sounds. Dad’s Garage regulars might recognize some of the games played at PuppyProv but not all of them. Some games cater specifically to dog behaviors.

Case in point: coffee break. The actors start the scene, and whoever gets the biggest laugh or reaction gets replaced by a dog. When the dog gets the crowd

going, an actor steps back in. The dogs then do as dogs do, wandering around, sniffing butts, turning around in circles, and licking themselves. The actors return to the scene in ridiculously awkward situations. Hilarity ensues. Plus, tons “awww’s”.

Another pup specific game: improvise while puppies lick peanut butter off their bodies. As two of our improvisers perform a scene, another improvisor puts peanut butter on the performers’ hands, arms, and faces. It was a challenge not to break with all those ticklish puppy licks. There’s a certain amount of satisfaction seeing the actors squirm while they tried desperately to stay in character.

Speaking of peanut butter, when asked about his favorite canine castmate of the night, improviser Ronnie Johnson-Lopez answered, “Without a doubt it’s Blue… that may or may not be because we made out on stage in front of EVERYBODY.”

Perry Frost also shared her experience: “Working with dogs during an improv show is chaotic and charming, which is often how human-based improv shows turn out anyway! The audience is totally forgiving of anything that goes wrong, and doubly excited about what goes right. It’s always a good time.”

PuppyProv sold out quickly. According to Matt Terrell, Communications Director for Dad’s Garage, “PuppyProv was a great way for us to engage a community nonprofit and try something new. It was a true experiment gone incredibly well.”

As a matter of fact, this was the second PuppyProv event. “We previously worked with Angels Among Us last season. It was such a hit, we brought them back!” Thanks to the success of this show, Dad’s Garage is looking at hosting PuppyProv at least once a season so more improv and dog lovers can get in on the fun.

“We love our partnership with Dad’s Garage,” said Jackie Fuller, Director of Marketing and Events at Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. “Everyone is so acco
mmodating and supportive of our cause.” And according to Fuller, the dogs really enjoyed their introduction to improv acting: “We had a few lazy pups in the crew, but I think they all loved getting so much attention!”

For more information about the hundreds of cats and dogs awaiting their forever homes at Angels Among Us, please visit www.angelsrescue.org/adopt .