Professional Development Workshops for Teachers

Posted On:02.22.2019

Looking for a professional development workshop for teachers?

We have a number of options we can design for your group on your professional development day. From our popular Team Building focused workshops, customized specifically to your group, focusing on increasing the collaboration and communication amongst staff, to presentation skills, managing change in the educational sector and workshops that increase collaboration and creativity in the staffroom and classroom.

These workshops are designed for teachers, taking you through a series of activities in a comfortable setting (you don’t need to worry about having to perform, or be “funny”…it’s not that type of workshop).

Professional Development Workshops for Teachers

You’ll have fun and share a lot of laughter with your colleagues, while learning new strategies and techniques you can start applying right away (this isn’t a lecture, or a traditional presentation – you’ll be engaged while collaborating and creating with your team).

Professional Development Workshops for Teachers

The customized workshops focus in the areas of:

 – Collaboration and Creativity
This workshop focuses on active listening, accepting and building on each other’s ideas, and the role that plays in becoming a group that collaborates and creates at a high level.
We’ll highlight how great ideas come from saying “yes” to new ideas and concepts to start with, and seeing where that takes you – you can create something unique and unexpected together when your team embraces saying “yes” first, rather than “no.”
This is also a valuable lesson and concept for staff, but also for students.

 – Team Building for Teachers
Incorporating some of the concepts from the Collaboration session, this workshop will focus on new approaches to how staff communicate with each other, their students and parents, providing a template for how an improv-based approach can positively impact these interactions.
This workshop will also help your group build an environment of support and trust between one another.

 – Presentation Skills for Teachers – this is a custom designed session that focuses on becoming a better presenter, increasing your confidence when presenting, whether in front of the classroom, in front of colleagues, at a parent-teacher event, a conference, or giving a speech at your sister’s wedding!

 – Managing Change for Teachers
Teachers are often dealing with change. Whether it’s new initiatives or curriculum from leadership, handling a new class mix, updated workplace guidelines, a new school, a new class every year, and the changeover of staff. Managing this change can often create anxiety.
Improvisers are constantly facing the unknown. This workshop shares the techniques and tips on how we train ourselves to say yes to constant change, outlining strategies for embracing the unpredictable.

Another workshop that might be of interest focuses on managing multi-generations in the workplace, which can be fully customized for the educational environment.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can customize a Professional Development Workshop for your staff, connect with Matt and he’ll be happy to answer any questions: or by phone at (404) 523-3141 x 205)