OnBoarding Process – How Improv Can Help

Posted On:12.05.2018

Atlanta, Georgia – Every company has an onboarding process, whether they know it or not. From the moment someone is hired, it’s on (Twitter calls theirs “From Yes to Desk”). Every interaction is either helping connect a new hire to your organization (and culture), or it’s not.

To put it more bluntly – your onboarding process might suck. And if it does, you’re not alone. Study after study shows that’s the case for way too many organizations.

The results can be pretty rough. Aside from the wasted time and resources for the HR department, you have a high rate of turnover, or a percentage of employees who might still be there, but have one eye on the door, planning an exit.  

onboarding process

Watching new hires bolt early on can be particularly frustrating and an indicator that something isn’t right. Often times, a revamp of the onboarding process can make a significant difference.

We work with organizations in the area of Team Building all the time (read more at Team Building in Atlanta)…our Onboarding Package is a customized version of our Team Building sessions, designed specifically to engage and connect new hires to their colleagues, the company and the culture.

Companies that have the onboarding process clocked include Zappos (online retailer), Linkedin (on the first day, all new hires get together for icebreaker activities and to start to learn about the company culture), Pinterest (all hires who are part of a new class connect for breakfast on their first day and then take part in a few icebreaker activities).

All organizations that are crushing it with their onboarding process have a similar approach. And that approach is about connecting new hires to each other, to their new colleagues and to the company culture.

Our Onboarding sessions focus on those key areas. It’s really about engagement, which is something we here at Dad’s Garage have a lot of experience with, engaging an audience, connecting with an audience and making them feel a part of something special. And we have years of experience applying those techniques and skills to creating stronger teams that support each other.  

That’s what will serve an HR-department well when onboarding new staff.

We design sessions that produce genuine connections…and laughter. They’ll definitely have a lot of fun, laughing, collaborating and creating with their colleagues. Get them laughing together and making genuine connections and you’ve set the stage for a happy, productive onboarding process.

If you’re looking for help with your onboarding process, drop us a line. We can give you an overview of what we can offer.

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