Multi Generations in the Workplace

Posted On:02.09.2019

From Boomers to Gen Zers, there are now four generations trying to make it work out there; talk about multi generations in the workplace!

And with four generations mixing at the office, there’s a lot of room for miscommunication and misunderstanding the way a colleague approaches their day-to-day responsibilities.

multi generations in the workplace

Most boomers are going to have a different perspective than their Millennial colleagues, as are Gen-Xers to the Gen-Zers.

But amidst the differences is a real opportunity for organizations to embrace the value they gain from having these different perspectives, depth of knowledge in a variety of areas, different approaches to problem-solving and institutional wisdom.

And of course, along with the opportunity for innovation and creativity in a multi-generational workforce, there are challenges.

If you’re workplace is multi-generational, we can custom design a workshop that will:

 – provide communications techniques that respect the distinctive perspectives and expectations of each generation within your organization.

 – strategies for effectively collaborating across generations

– creating an environment where colleagues actively listen to each other and support each other

 – the role empathy plays in a multi-generational workplace

And we’ll connect your group through a really fun session in which they’ll laugh together – a lot. Aside from all the above, it will be a great team building experience.

The key for any organization is designing a workplace that inspires all staff, leading to a high level of job satisfaction and retention rate of all your multi-generational talent.

Connect with Matt to learn more about how we can create workshop for your company:

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