Cook, Comedian, and Good Person: Megan Leahy

Posted On:01.09.2018

Megan Leahy is like Barefoot Contessa, except Megan didn’t write nuclear budgets for the White House; she doesn’t have her own TV show either (although she should). However, both Megan Leahy and Barefoot Contessa make delicious baked goods.

Food and Funny

Megan has been sharing these delicious baked goods with Dad’s Garage since 2002. She took a Dad’s Garage improv class—at the encouragement of her sister, who told her to “Get a creative outlet.” And, she did, becoming a regular volunteer, then company member, in 2003. Because she’s been involved with Dad’s Garage for 15 years, her description of the Dad’s Garage Family was simply as home. Megan says, “You know, I’m not a very social person, but I pretty much feel like this is home. I like to be at my house or here.” And while Barefoot Contessa caters fancy dinner parties out of the comfort of her home, Megan Leahy’s home-like connection to Dad’s Garage was fundamental to her continuing her improv career. You could say that Megan caters to the community with both food and funny.

Beyond the Comparison

While the greatness of Barefoot Contessa has helped illustrate the greatness of Megan Leahy, the comparison cannot do justice to Megan’s friendly and positive demeanor. I have never worked with Barefoot Contessa, but I did work with Megan on Dad’s Garage’s 2017 summer scripted production of Karon the Barbarian. During both the rehearsal process and the run of the show, Megan was an endless supply of smiles, enthusiasm, and inclusivity. If any of the publishing deals or endorsement contracts like Food Network, The Oprah Magazine, or The Today Show are looking for someone new to endorse, I’d suggest cook, comedian, and good person: Megan Leahy.

Megan Leahy