How Improv and Volunteering at Dad’s Keeps Me Moving Forward

Posted On:12.20.2016

By Frances Chang


Life is full of ups, downs, and transitions; but for me, what has remained consistent is improv. This may seem like an oxymoron since improv is literally made up on the spot and changes from moment to moment. But no matter what is going on in my life, I can always count on improv.

The First Class

It wasn’t until later along my path of puppets, pro wrestling, and the circus (I have a weird life, don’t judge) that I would befriend many of the improvisers of Dad’s Garage, but it was 2012 by the time I took my first DG improv class. My impetus for taking the plunge was a break up – a transition. Most people change their hair cut or color (I already did that), but I wanted to change my life. A change needed to be made. I needed to make a difference. I wanted more confidence. Improv was my answer.


The first class is like crack, it’s designed to get you addicted. We played games, we encouraged each other, we supported each other, we would be great friends for life. As we continued our journey, we learned about storytelling, characters, and how to put on a show. Each level allowed us to hone our abilities on how to listen, how to be in the moment, and how to move the story along – much like how we’re supposed to live life. After progressing through the four levels of improv class, I did the scariest thing in my life; the Dad’s Garage Level Four Grad Show. It was nerve wracking and exhilarating all at once. With my new friends alongside me, I don’t regret a single moment. I was hooked. Immediately, I began volunteering at Dad’s Garage (Volunteer of the month November 2015, right here!).

I even explored other improv classes at other theaters which led to sketch writing, comedy performing, and video producing. These accomplishments then led to invitations to perform in other prestigious Atlanta shows. It was always a frightening venture, but I was armed with the tools the talented DG improviser instructors bestowed upon me.

Improv in Other Places

My improv skills even came to good use when I belatedly realized I had to provide a presentation for an interview. I brought much laughter and amusement to a room full of public health administrators with my winged presentation on the zombie apocalypse. (Only one guy was not so amused – also, I didn’t get that job.)

Home Away from Home

There will always be improv. Improv is here to comfort us. Improv cures our ails with laughter. It gives us respite from reality. After almost three years of volunteering, I still can’t get enough DG. I am currently unemployed, we’ve come out on the wrong side of the most contentious presidential election, and the future is uncertain, but there is always Dad’s Garage. When life is in turmoil, I know I can always come to Dad’s Garage. Dad’s Garage is family. Dad’s Garage is home.


(Also, someone please hire me, I’m a marketing, social media, event planning guru!)