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Designed specifically to build confidence in any public speaking situation and enrich interpersonal dynamics, Dad’s Garage offers this improv intensive designed specifically for the needs of today’s attorney. You’ll learn that improv training is not only about teaching people how to tell jokes or be funny. Improvisers use many of the same tactics and skills necessary to be successful in the courtroom, and we’ll show you how easy it can be to think on your feet. Click here for more info
This workshop focuses on active listening, sharing the spotlight, and accepting and building on other team members’ ideas. Learn that any idea is worth looking at and exploring; it may lead you to another idea that is the answer.
New leaders often make the mistake of thinking they have to have the best, most innovative ideas in the room, hindering the intelligence and capability of their team. Improv teaches us that the best ideas come from saying "yes" to new concepts and building something unique and unexpected together. Our Leadership workshop will teach future leaders how to get the most out of their team, how to truly share the spotlight with others to “make your partner look good” and to create a culture of saying "yes" first, rather than "no."
Effective communication and teamwork is key to success in improv, and the same is true in the business world! Our Team Building workshop uses improv games & exercises to get your team thinking about how they communicate and interact with each other. A great way to get employees out of their comfort zone, this workshop will help your group build trust between one another and unify them as a team.
This workshop builds off the Level I workshop to continue the concepts of trust, group mind, listening, impulse, and building ideas in a collaborative, supporting way.
We all know change is scary to people. Fear of the unknown, fear of a loss of control—these can lead to anxiety and negative attitudes towards new ideas. Improvisers are forced to say yes to change, accept it and roll with it to find success. This workshop shares the techniques and tips on how we train ourselves to say yes to constant change.
This workshop focuses on building and exploring the skills that are most valuable to any team using the Agile Process – face-to-face communication, responding to change over following a set plan and the importance of saying yes to and supporting your own ideas and the ideas of others.