Fuzzy Friends come to the Big Stupid Parking Lot Carnival!

Posted On:04.03.2019

Dad’s Garage is excited for our NEW annual fundraiser — The Big Stupid Parking Lot Carnival! It will be filled with plenty of beer, food, rides, improviser led carnival booths, and theatrical weirdness you’ll only find at Dad’s Garage. In addition, we are excited to bring something fuzzy and new to the Carnival — Sam Path’s Mobile Petting Zoo.

That’s right! Not only do you get to fill your day with rides, laughs, and drinks, but there will be tons of exotic animals. We thought we’d take a second to tell you all about Sam Path’s Petting Zoo and why we are so excited for them to bring some fuzzy buddies to the Dad’s Garage lot.

Who is Sam Path’s Petting Zoo?

Sam’s Path has been raising and caring for exotic animals for over 35 years! At their petting zoo you can expect one-on-one interaction and hand’s on education with not just farm animals but fascinating exotic animals too! This includes Fallow Deer, Buffalo, North & South American Porcupines, Ostriches, Rheas, Emus, Llamas, Camels, and all types of Primates. Sam’s Path specializes in giving good homes to the fur babies who need it most, and they take pride in well groomed, well mannered, and healthy animals.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THEM HERE: http://www.samspathpettingzoo.com/

So who exactly is Sam?

Sam the Monkey who inspired this exotic adventure!

Sam’s Path Petting Zoo is dedicated to their dear friend “Sam the Monkey”. Sam came to live with them in 1983, when he was just a year old.  Sam made a lasting impression on their family and all the people he met over the years. Unfortunately, Sam passed in September 2004, but lived a full life of 21 years. Today they continue their path to adventure with Spider Monkeys, Parker and MaryJane, as well as all the other friends on their farm. Sam watched as they developed their small adventure day by day, and his legacy inspired the whole family. With their path to exotic adventure, there was Sam’s Path to exotic adventure!

We hope you’ll join Dad’s Garage AND Sam Path’s Petting Zoo this Saturday, April 6th for the Big Stupid Parking Lot Carnival.

TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE AT: http://www.dadgaragecarnival.com