Dad’s Garage Social Distancing Spectacular!

Posted On:03.15.2020

Laughter is more important than ever, but not more important than the safety and health of our performers, artists, staff, and audiences. So let’s practice responsible social distancing! (Cue air high five!) Here’s what Dad’s Garage is doing in these crazy unknown days — check out our plans and how you can help!


  • Show attendance will be capped at 100 people, so folks can spread out within the theatre.
  • Each Wednesday at 5pm we’ll make a decision about whether to go forward with that weekend’s shows. (But honestly, we’ll be making ongoing calls, too.)
  • If you’re feeling ill and/or you’re in an at-risk category, STAY HOME! (And check out how you can see our programming from the comfort of your own home on Twitch.) Feel better, hydrate, and wash your hands. 
  • We’ve upped our sanitizing procedures (sorry for the overwhelming smell of Lysol) and we’re propping open doors so you don’t have to touch them. 
  • If you already have tickets, you have some options! These options are the same whether the show is cancelled or you decide not to come — for any reason. We are offering exchanges, gift cards, and refunds. Let know your choice. Please remember we’re a nonprofit theatre and canceling programming is hitting us hard. We particularly like the options to convert your ticket into a donation or a gift card — come hang out with us once this is all in the past.


No no, we’re not planning to drive our improvisers to your home (phew) — we’ll be streaming programming on Facebook and Twitch starting March 16th! Check out to get a schedule of when we’re streaming and links to see the shows.

Also, we replaced the Big Stupid Parking Lot Carnival with the Big Stupid Silent Auction & Fundraiser! Starting March 25, you’ll be able to bid on items for a silent auction, entirely online! How many other opportunities do you have to get your (thoroughly washed) hands on a some sweet merch, experiences, and one of a kind items all while helping a local nonprofit?


All these measures are hard on a lil’ chucklehut trying to transform folks through laughter. Postponing our big annual fundraiser and cancelling shows means very little money coming through our (propped) doors. All in all, we estimate this will have somewhere between a $50,000 and $125,000 impact on the organization. 

Here what you can do to help us, if you are so inclined:

  • Donate money! We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit, after all.
  • Buy some shizz in our silent auction. It’ll be live by March 25th. More info on the sweet social distancing site!
  • Buy a gift card. We do want you to come hang out with us (eventually), and the income now will help us out.

Regular updates, more information, and no shortage of dumb jokes can all be found at and on our social media.<3