Dad’s Garage: Home of the Original, Badass, Beer-Soaked Bacon Festival

Posted On:03.26.2015

Bfest ladies (1)

Let’s get something clear here:

Dad’s Garage originated the bacon festival.

Way back before everybody and their cousin got into the festival/event business, a bunch of knuckleheads from Florida State University brought their friends together by celebrating bacon’s deliciousness. These guys ended up in Atlanta and formed Dad’s Garage Theatre Company, and they made BaconFest a regular event for the organization. Equal parts fundraiser and shitshow, BaconFest encapsulates the spirit of Dad’s Garage—irreverant, fun, and weird.

Zoom forward two decades and you can attend bacon festivals all across the country. Most of these events, similar to Dad’s Garage, also supply ample amounts of beer to wash down all that pork. Of course bacon and beer are a match made in heaven, so who wouldn’t want to jump on this bandwagon? In Canada you can go to “Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival” in Kipling, Saskatchewan. Marylanders can go to the incredibly lame-named “Beer Bacon Music Festival” in the city of Frederick. Davenport, Iowa hosts the exciting-sounding “Big Bacon Bonanza” as well. Heck, there are other bacon festivals in Georgia you can go to. But none of them will be as awesome as Dad’s Garage.

Beer, Bands, Booths, and Bacon

From its inception, Dad’s Garage has had the most original (aka: weirdly creative) take on a what a festival can be. We pride ourselves on our three “B’s”: Beer, Bands, and Bacon; however, our “booths” make up another important “B.” Dad’s Garage invites our improvisers to create interactive artist booths to spice up the festival. Perchance you have heard of Dr. Boobies, MD… he can guess your bra size. Victorian phone sex booths? We got that. Face painting? Hope you like dicks drawn on your forehead! We had to get rid of our fortune teller booth because people took it too seriously (did these folks really believe they were going to meet their spouse in a federal prison?). Flip cup tournament, wheelchair races, and a geriatric marching band… we literally have it all.

Group Picture

Bottom line:

Dad’s Garage BaconFest is both the inventor of the bacon festival by a decade, and the most original bacon festival in terms of how insanely awesome it is. All the money you spend at BaconFest helps support our theatre (the event raises about 10% of our annual operating costs), so we want you to have a weird, drunken, piggy-good time with us.

We hope to see you at our 15th sort-of-annual BaconFest this Saturday, March 28 at Masquerade Music Park. C’mon down before we pass out from the meat sweats.