Customer Service Workshops

Posted On:01.25.2019

Atlanta, Georgia – Why is improv a perfect match for Customer Service Workshops?

Aren’t the best customer interactions the ones that feel “improvised” – not rehearsed, automatic or stiff?

That’s what improv brings to the customer service experience.

If you’re a company that relies on frontline customer service reps, you know that no two CS interactions are the same. The issues your reps deal with might be repetitive, and easy to script for, but the actual interactions will be as varied and unpredictable as the number of people they’re assisting.

It’s in that space…the unpredictability, where an improv-based Customer Service Workshop will make a difference for your team, and by extension, for your customers.

Customer Service Workshops

Thinking on your Feet
Training a customer service rep to embrace the unpredictable, to think on their feet and feel confident “going off script” will not only create a positive experience for your customers, but will transform how your CS reps approach their day and their level of satisfaction with their work. This training delivers skills and techniques they’ll use with every interaction.

(connect with Matt if you’d like to learn more about how we can design a customer service workshop for your group – or by phone at (404) 523-3141 x 205).

And they’ll have a blast together as a team during the session, which also double as one of the best team building experiences they could have – you can also check out our Team Building sessions).

Active Listening and Authentic Interactions
A big part of handling the unpredictable and being confident going off-script is active listening, which is critical to the success of every improv scene. Active listening, when applied in a customer service scenario is what delivers a personalized experience, which is really what every customer wants.

Did you respond to them in an authentic way? Did you genuinely listen to them? Did they feel heard (validated)?

When you connect with customers on an individual level, they are much more likely to give you their loyalty.

In our Customer Service Workshops we focus on active listening, authentic interactions, embracing the unpredictable and thinking on your feet – all are keys to delivering an experience your customers will want to talk about, for all the right reasons.

“Yes, and…” your customer service team
As well, we highlight how the principle of “Yes, And…”, which is foundational to improvisation, has real-world relevance in customer service. The power in saying “yes” as a customer service rep is transformational.

When a rep starts off with, or quickly interjects by minimizing, or negating, an issue, it can quickly lead to tension and a defensive stance from the customer right away. Teaching your team how to use “Yes, and…” to move the conversation along, validate the customer, identify the issue and

Yes, and steers the conversation on a direction that avoids the customer feeling unappreciated, and allows the rep to guide the conversation in a solution-oriented way.

Of course, there are limits to saying Yes, but starting with the principle of “Yes, and…”, accepting what your customer is telling you and then building on that with your solution(s) will serve everyone well – the customer, the rep and your organization.  

Customer Service Workshops
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