Corporate Workshops for Leaders

Posted On:07.27.2018

Memorable Corporate Workshops for Leaders have a lasting impact through activities that are innovative, collaborative, experiential – and fun.

These workshops, while producing meaningful discussions and real takeaways that can be immediately applied, create a lot of shared laughter, team stories and learning.
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Corporate Workshops for Leaders

Corporate Workshops for Leaders

One of our popular corporate workshops focuses on Leadership. Led by our experienced facilitators, these sessions focus on skills for new leaders, future leaders and those currently in a leadership role.

Here’s a brief outline:

New leaders often make the mistake of thinking they have to have the best, most innovative ideas in the room, hindering the intelligence and capability of their team. Improv teaches us that the best ideas come from saying “yes” to new concepts and building something unique and unexpected together. Our Leadership workshop teaches future leaders how to get the most out of their team, how to truly share the spotlight with others to “make your partner look good” and to create a culture of saying “yes” first, rather than “no.”

These workshops provide leaders with a template for having authentic conversations, creating teams that are committed to supporting each other in a collaborative environment, tackle challenges with a “Yes, and” approach, and a culture where every team member is empowered to contribute ideas and build on the ideas of others.

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