Corporate Team Building in Atlanta

Posted On:01.08.2019

Atlanta, Georgia – Need some inspiration for your next corporate team building activity?

We’ve written about Corporate Team Building Activities and Team Building Ideas in the past, with blogs highlighting activities you can set-up on your own to create a team building experience for your group and also the difference between a “Corporate Team Building activity” and a “Corporate Team Building Outing”.

When it comes to Corporate Team Building in Atlanta, we’ve been creating experiences for our clients for years. And in doing so, have a pretty good idea of what works well, and what might not always deliver the impact an organizer is looking for.

Corporate Team Building in Atlanta

With our Team Building Ideas blog, we highlighted a specific game you can play, one called Campfire, that will bring the team closer together, find common connections, increase trust, and create opportunities where team members can actively support each other – and they’ll laugh a lot together, which is always great.

Another recent blog was focused on one team building tip that can do wonders for creating an inclusive environment where all staff feel valued. It’s focused on the concept of “Yes, and…”, one of the basic tenets of improvisation.

You can read that one here: Team-Building Tip: 1 Tip to Make Every Employee Feel Valued

Another good read for anyone looking at a Corporate Team Building activity is an article we wrote focused on Collaborative Leadership. It’s a quick read, highlighting a handful of tips for creating stronger, happier teams. Titled “4 Collaborative Leadership Tips”, topics include sharing the spotlight, the impact of body language when communicating, and role of asking questions. Embracing these four tips will make a big difference in how a group functions in both the short, and long-term.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about what we do for our corporate clients when we design a corporate team building activity, connect with our Associate Artistic Director Matt Horgan at or by phone at (404) 523-3141 x 205.