Corporate Team Building Activities

Posted On:08.19.2018

Atlanta, Georgia – Team Outing vs. Corporate Team Building Activities?

When someone reaches out to Matt about Corporate Team Building activities, it’s not uncommon for them to be a little unsure of exactly what they’re looking for – other than knowing they’re on the search for a team building experience for their group.

With the myriad of team building activities available, that’s not surprising. These range from escape rooms, team cooking experiences, organized scavenger hunts, drum cafés, indoor rock-climbing, to the improv-based Team Building Workshops we design here at Dad’s Garage.

Corporate Team Building Activities
While catching a ball game can be a fun team event, it’s more of a team outing, rather than a team building experience

It’s clear some originally had more of a “team outing activity” in mind, rather than what we would consider “corporate team building activities”.

What’s the difference you ask?

There is a difference, although the two terms are often used interchangeably.

Both can be really beneficial for a team and both share a lot of DNA, but we do make a distinction between the two.

Team Outings: traditionally, team outings are focused on the “fun” of an experience. Which is great. Having fun together is almost always going to be a requirement from anyone organizing a team outing.

Popular team outings, such as hitting the bowling alley, taking in a ball game, a company BBQ, a themed-potluck lunch, or a Friday “happy hour” are good set-ups for delivering on the fun, but that’s usually the overall result. Again, this is valuable, but it often doesn’t include the additional element of techniques and strategies the team will apply moving forward to allow them to collaborate, communicate and support each other at a higher level than before the event.

Team Building Activities: when done right, they deliver on the fun interactivity with colleagues, combined with the takeaways that can create a true shift in the way your team interacts with each other, with others within your organization and with external stakeholders (e.g. clients, suppliers and customers).

They’re designed to break down silos (something that often isn’t a result of a Team Outing), provide real strategies that move your team to being one that is more empathetic, flexible and positive. When applied, it can lead to a group that handles change in a more agile way (actually embraces change), takes a different approach to problem-solving, collaborates in a way that increases creativity and innovation, and commits to supporting each other at a higher level.

Essentially, a well-designed team building activity is a team outing on steroids.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients, creating fun Corporate Team Building Activities that deliver a ‘wow” factor, with laughter and fun stories that flow back to the office, but also with lasting takeaways that impact a workplace culture.

“There was a lot of collaboration and excitement spilling out of the room yesterday. I thought the workshop was a huge success.”

– Kelly V. Ellison, Razorfish

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