Company Party Ideas

Posted On:03.07.2019

Atlanta, Georgia – There’s no end to the number of company party ideas you can find searching the web, or come up with when the social committee gets together for a brainstorming session. As a group that’s been adding entertainment to corporate parties around Atlanta for a number of years, we have a pretty good idea of what might work for your team.

Whether you’re planning your company’s summer party, or putting together holiday party ideas, or a fun staff outing, here are a few fun ways to dial up the fun:         

Company Party Ideas

Game of Thrones Party
The final season is here, so why not queue up a Game of Thrones themed party.
Even if everyone in the office isn’t the biggest fan of the HBO hit series, they’ll enjoy it.
Start by splitting the office up into four teams, representing the houses from the show – Baratheon, Lannister, Stark and Targaryen
Each team should take on the theme from their house:

Baratheon: Sigil: Stag, Color: Black/Yellow, Motto: “Ours is the fury.”
Lannister: Sigil: Lion, Color: Gold, Motto: “Hear me roar!”
Stark: Sigil: Direwolf, Color: Gray/white, Motto: “Winter is coming.”
Targaryen: Sigil: Red dragon, Color: Red, Motto: “Fire and blood.”

Host this the night after the final episode, or any episode. Everyone can dress up, serve some GOT themed drinks and have each house bring a themed a dish or two

(Corporate Party Entertainment: Our customized improv shows, or even one of our popular Team Building activities could also be a good fit for your next party. Connect with Matt to find out more.
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We’ve seen photo booths at a number of company parties we’ve performed at and for whatever reason, people love them. They’re always very popular, particularly after the drinks have been flowing, and make for some fun stories and content as the party flows, and after the party, if you have people posting the photos to a company blog or social media.

Company Party Ideas

Depending on your budget, they can be pricey, but we’ve also seen booths that have been whipped up by the social committee that have worked just as well.

To do that, all you need is to create a backdrop (party –themed is a good idea), using butcher-paper, or anything else, gather a few props from your local dollar store (wigs, hats, etc.), and start taking photos (designate a photographer, or let party-goers use their smart phones).
You’ll almost certainly see a steady flow of people around the photo booth, with a lot of laughter.
And then post the pics somewhere for others to enjoy and comment.

Slow-Mo Video Station
And you can even take the photo booth thing a step further with a slow-mo video capture. Most smart phones have this, or you can download the app…and then start taping your colleagues having fun interacting and with the props (and hope there are no stressful HR-meetings needed the next day).
Once you have all the video, edit it together for one cool slow-mo montage.

No one likes Karaoke…until they’re doing Karaoke. Yes, alcohol is often the common-denominator between having fun and Karaoke, but add it to an office party and, while kitschy, and maybe clichéd, still delivers the fun.

It’s a great way to end off an evening, after the food, and any other entertainment, speeches, etc. – roll it out let the awkward moments begin. Add a rule that all karaoke numbers have to be duets or trios and it can add a fun team building element.

Bonus Idea – Company Holiday Party Hangover cure
This is for the day after your holiday party. Keep the fun rolling by surprising your staff with a mellow day after your big party by having a movie-day. Bring in some popcorn and put on Christmas with the Kranks, Elf, Deck the Halls, or even Office Christmas Party.

Good luck planning your next company party!


For our company party ideas and how we might be a fit (we can host your group here at our Ezzard Street theatre space in Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward or come to your venue – Dad’s Garage – 569 Ezzard St., Atlanta) hit up Matt for more info:
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