Company Holiday Party Tips (To Help You Through The Season)

Posted On:12.08.2018

Atlanta, Georgia – Overindulgence, over-spending, Cyber-Monday buyer’s remorse, regrettable company party conversations, family tensions…hey, the holidays are in full swing. What’s not to celebrate?

As a group that spends a lot of time entertaining at Company Holiday Parties in Atlanta, we’ve seen a thing or two in our travels. EveryDecember (and January) we’re out there on the front lines, putting on shows forgroups…and we see things…lots of things.

So we thought why not put some of that experience to use and throw out a few tips to help you navigate your company party.

Company Holiday Party Tips

Tip #1) Overindulging
As mentioned above, this one can really trip you up. Not so much the eating part (which is par for the course), but more along the lines of the tippling (or guzzling). We’ve seen, as I’m guessing you have as well, a few too many parties where a couple of attendees start early and keep up the pace. That approach inevitably has “Danger Ahead’ written all over it.
And that can set-up those company holiday party moments that lead to a visit with HR Monday morning.

Tip #2) Graceful Exit
Don’t be the last to leave. Now that said, someone has to be the last one out the door, but let someone else wear that crown for the next year. Related to the above, the last one to leave is often the guy (or girl…but usually guy), who’s taken a pretty good swipe from the open bar.

Make a graceful exit after the planned festivities have all been rolled out (dinner, entertainment, Secret Santa, speeches). If you’re still around when the DJ queues up “Mambo No. 5” you’ve stayed too long.

Tip #3) Get a dress code head’s up
Aside from where is it and what time do I need to show up, add one more question to the list – how should I dress.
You don’t want to be over-dressed (a much rarer occurrence from our experience) and you don’t want to stand out for missing the mark on the other side. Hoodies and kicks at a downtown hotel ballroom, when everyone else is in gowns and blazers…you’re going to want a do-over.
Whether it’s super-casual, or a little more formal, whatever the setting, you’re going to want a heads up.

Tip #4) Say Hello
Company holiday parties are a great opportunity to connect with co-workers you otherwise don’t spend much time with…or with a lot of larger companies, people you really don’t know at all. Often we’ll see small cliques spread throughout a room, as people gravitate to their comfort zone, hanging with the same people they spend all day with at work.

Resist that urge and breakout. Make an effort to say hello and chat…genuinely chat. Maybe challenge yourself to talk with three people you normally don’t have a chance to interact with. And when you do chat, try and ask open-ended questions, it’s always helpful to keep a conversation flowing.

And finally – go with a positive attitude. Why not? Even if you’re not particularly looking forward to it initially, shake that off and head in on an upbeat note. You don’t have to be there for hours, but if you’re there anyway, make the most of it and have some fun.

Happy Holidays!


January Company Holiday Parties – for those companies who wait until after the December rush to host your party (e.g. all of the hotels, catering companies and a lot of restaurants who are slammed from mid-November through New Year’s) give us a ring to see if one of our customized private performances is a fit for your get-together.

Company Holiday Party Ideas – contact Associate Artistic Director Matt Horgan at or by phone at (404) 523-3141 x 205.

And if you’re looking to change things up a bit this year, a popular option is also our Holiday Party Team Building.

It’s a lot of fun and bit of a change of pace from a customized improv performance.