How the “Dad’s Garage Sausage” Gets Made

By Lara Smith, Managing Director Every time I tell somebody I work at Dad’s Garage, they exclaim how fun of a job it must be! I am quick to say that I have the most boring job there–I spend the majority of my time in meetings, staring at spreadshe


Dad’s Garage: Home of the Original, Badass, Beer-Soaked Bacon Festival

Let’s get something clear here: Dad’s Garage originated the bacon festival. Way back before everybody and their cousin got into the festival/event business, a bunch of knuckleheads from Florida State University brought their friends together b


BaconFest Founder George Faughnan Brings Decades of Greasy Goodness

BaconFest.  I don’t know where the capitalization of the “F” started, but apparently, somebody thinks that is the way it should now be presented.  Originally, way back in nineteen hundred and ninety-three, its full, proper name was: “Baconfest: