Improv and Anime: The Unholy Union

Improv and Anime: The Unholy Union

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By Perry Frost The Niche Performance Circuit Glomp. Crunch. Yiff. Scritches. Tsundere. Dildo on a Reciprocating Saw. That was a sampling of some exotic terminology I’ve encountered in a year of improv performances across the country. What improv comedy

Diapers and Dick Jokes

Diapers and Dick Jokes

By Taylor Dooley I love attention; always have and always will. I love Dad’s Garage. I love being pregnant. And I love to overshare. So imagine my joy and gratitude when the stars aligned a couple of years ago and I got to experience it all — I grew a


Ten Weird Things We’ve Been Asked About Taking Improv Class

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I’m really funny. Do I have to take improv classes, or can I just sign up to perform with you guys? Whoa, fella, slow down! We sure you think you’re hilarious, but it takes some time to develop the skills to play on stage with the Dad’s