Team Building Icebreaker Atlanta

Looking for a no-fail Team Building Icebreaker in Atlanta? Team Building Icebreakers are increasingly popular ways to kick-off conferences, strategy sessions, client events and wider company meetings. Our custom designed Team Building Icebreakers start yo


Lawrenceburg: How Women Tell The Star Wars Story.

By Hannah Aslesen I should be sleeping right now…I should definitely, without a doubt, be sleeping. But I can’t. We just wrapped a 12 hour tech rehearsal for the scripted play Lawrenceburg and my body is wiped, brain fried, and emotions drained. A


Why Every Boss Should Take an Improv Class!

Should every boss take a corporate improv-based training class? Well, if Atlanta-based news-behemoth CNN feels they should, then who are we to argue. Or more accurately, if CNNMoney reporter Kathryn Vasel says you should – and she did, in an article wit


Dad’s Garage Gave Me a New Lease on Improv Life

By Anna Jones I procrastinated for a long time to write this blog post. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I did. I tend to procrastinate on things that matter to me. I’m also a professional writer with my own copywriting business (PLUG TIME, E


Holiday Party Ideas – Team Building

Atlanta – A few weeks ago we wrote about holiday party ideas, specifically company holiday party ideas, for those tasked with organizing the annual get-together. Are you struggling to break away from the “same-old, same-old”, or have you already sta