OnBoarding Process – How Improv Can Help

Atlanta, Georgia – Every company has an onboarding process, whether they know it or not. From the moment someone is hired, it’s on (Twitter calls theirs “From Yes to Desk”). Every interaction is either helping connect a new hire to your organizati

Conference Entertainment – Atlanta

Conference Entertainment – Atlanta

Finding new conference entertainment options is often one of the biggest challenges organizers face when putting together their events. We’ve been doing conference entertainment in Atlanta for years, adding a memorable performance component. Whether it


Corporate Entertainment in Atlanta

Posted by Jon Carr

From private parties, to conferences, conventions and company parties, we’ve been providing unique corporate entertainment in Atlanta for years (and unique team building in Atlanta as well for our corporate clients). You can hire us to add a memorab


AI Disrupts the Workforce: Human Skills Needed To Succeed

A question being asked at high schools and colleges around the world is, “what skills are needed to succeed in a workplace being disrupted by artificial intelligence?” And make no mistake, AI is disrupting the workforce…and it’s ju


Team-Building Tip: 1 Tip to Make Every Employee Feel Valued

There are a variety of reasons why someone takes a job – but people only stay in their job when they feel they’re a valued member of a team. Here is a Team Building Tip to help you make sure every employee is connected, engaged and feels valued by