Improviser Profile: Jonathan Spuhler, the Baritone Opera singing Improviser

Story by Maggie Beker Photo by Stacey Bode While those lucky enough to have witnessed him hang upside down by his legs and dance in a punk cowboy outfit at Burning Man call him “Daredevil,” the Dad’s Garage Family calls him Jonathan Spuhler. Jonatha


Yes, and Namaste: Acceptance On the Stage and On the Mat

By Sarah Ackerman Improv and yoga. One is for an audience, the other very much for yourself. Both require acceptance. Both things I can’t claim my dad necessarily brags to his friends I do so much of at the age of 32, but they are also two things that k


How Improv and Volunteering at Dad’s Keeps Me Moving Forward

By Frances Chang Life is full of ups, downs, and transitions; but for me, what has remained consistent is improv. This may seem like an oxymoron since improv is literally made up on the spot and changes from moment to moment. But no matter what is going o