BaconFest 2015: A Look Back at the Greasy Good Times

Posted On:04.02.2015


Well, it took several Bloody Marys on Sunday, a long afternoon nap on Monday, and washing our clothes twice to get rid of the bacon-grease smell—BUT WE’VE FINALLY RECOVERED FROM BACONFEST 2015. This was our biggest and best BaconFest ever. We say that every year, but this one was insanely successful. Here’s some numbers to put this in perspective:

-About an hour into the festival, we sold out of tickets! We had a great time partying with 2600 of our best bacon friends. That was 800 MORE people than last year.

-Since 2008, BaconFest has grown 10X in size. What started off as a kooky little get together with our fans has become the crazy kickoff for the Atlanta festival season.


So much of our success with BaconFest comes from the tireless support of our “Dad’s Garage Family.” Our staff, improvisers, volunteers, and talking parrots all pitch in to make this an incredible event. Amber Nash (pictured above) threw beads to an adoring crowd as our mascot, Sizzle the Baconstrip. Amber even worked the “Hobo Wine Tasting Booth” serving countless shots of cheap booze as if it were the finest French vintage. By the end of the day, everyone who works BaconFest is about ready to collapse from the drunken revelry of it all.


This year we cooked up 2,250 pounds of bacon. Actually, we didn’t cook it. Shoutouts to Distinctive Catering and Events as well as West Egg Cafe for helping us cook a (literal) ton of bacon. We served all but 100 pounds of the piggy goodness in both strip and BLT form. That last 100 pounds? We found a forgotten container with unserved bacon while we were cleaning up. We ate it—for some of the volunteers, this was the first bacon they got to eat all day!


Mary Todd Hairdressing Company helped raise money by providing hair and beard trimming. When you’ve been drinking beer, eating bacon, and soaking in the sun, it was great to plop down on the barber chair for a quick trim. Trust us, there were a lot of burly boys who looked a lot neater after 5 minutes with the folks from Mary Todd.


Flip-cup tournament. People play, get drunk, and somebody wins. Special shout-out to Tommy Futch for being the best referee/coach/cheerleader for this booth. Somebody probably won the title of most bad-ass flip-cupper, but those details are fuzzy.


If there is any group in Atlanta weirder than Dad’s Garage, it is definitely The Seed and Feed Marching Abominable. They always have such a great time at BaconFest, and we love their wacky costumes.


Are you naughty and need a spanking? Well, our Baconatrix was back to put bad boys in line. Baconfest Bros can never be punished enough.


How would you like a side of light-hearted misogyny with your bacon? Dr. Boobies, MD was back again this year guessing women’s bra sizes. After a brief conversation about the way women are depicted in popular culture, Dr. Boobies offers up his guess on cup and band measurements—with near 100% accuracy!


And last, but certainly not least, we have to give a big thank you to Blondie, Cassie, and Barbie from the Clermont Lounge for showing up to support us. Their “Sanitary Smooch Booth” was one of our most popular booths last year; they had so much fun, they came back this year to do it. Here’s how it works: Barbie and Cassie hold a piece of plastic wrap tightly as Blondie kisses a BaconFest guest through the film. The lipstick-stained, slobbery plastic then gets signed by Blondie. It’s the most WTF memento from BaconFest… and people loved it. These ladies brought in hundreds of dollars to Dad’s Garage in just a few hours of work. BRAVO!

Spanks for all the memories! We’ll see you next year!