AI Disrupts the Workforce: Human Skills Needed To Succeed

Posted On:10.15.2018

A question being asked at high schools and colleges around the world is, “what skills are needed to succeed in a workplace being disrupted by artificial intelligence?”

And make no mistake, AI is disrupting the workforce…and it’s just getting started. Jobs that exist today are going to disappear, that we know. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom. 

The answer to the above question may be an obvious one. If machines are taking over, what can you bring to the market that differentiates you? The answer might be more readily apparent than you think. How about the skills a machine doesn’t deliver…human skills! 

AI Disrupts the Workforce

A recent article on Forbes from Carmine Gallo highlighted how the book AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order by Dr. Kai-Fu Lee outlines a future in which AI is a ubiquitous part of our daily lives, but also one in which the soft skills human’s possess are critically important to how a society functions. 

Dr. Lee says, “the jobs of the future will require creative, compassionate, and empathetic leaders who know how to create trust, build teams, inspire service, and communicate effectively.”

As an improv-based corporate training organization, here at Dad’s Garage those are the exact areas we focus on when working with our corporate clients – whether it’s through a Team Building workshop (Team Building in Atlanta), Leadership workshop, Change Management workshopCommunication Skills, or Creativity and Collaboration

The areas of how to be an empathetic leader, how to collaborate at a high level, how to build strong teams that trust each other and actively look for ways to support fellow colleagues, how to inspire those around you…these are all skills we cover in our corporate training sessions. 

As Dr. Lee points out, it’s those skills that will insulate you from the AI disruption. 

“We will end up with the inevitable outcome that, although large numbers of routine jobs will be eliminated, large numbers of empathetic jobs will be created.” says Dr. Lee. 

Gallo notes that despite all the advances in machine learning, Lee says we are “nowhere near” creating machines that have any emotion—at all. And that’s why AI has its limits.

It might be a bumpy ride ahead for some industries, but committing to those soft skills artificial intelligence simply isn’t capable of, people will successfully navigate the shifting workplace landscape ahead.  

You can read Gallo’s full article – A Global AI Expert Identifies the Skills you need to Thrive in the next 15 Years.

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