4 Collaborative Leadership Tips

Posted On:08.27.2018

Creating a truly collaborative environment within your organization isn’t a “nice to have” – it’s essential to your success.

We have the opportunity to work with organizations all over the Atlanta area, designing Team Building Workshops, as well customizing a variety of Corporate Workshops focused on increasing collaboration within teams and organizations.

Too often organizations fall into a culture of silos and hoarding information, rather than one that is openly communicating and reaching goals based on a highly supportive environment.

This is where we focus with our Team Building workshops, highlighting strategies and techniques to break down silos, highlighting collaborative leadership skills for all team members, regardless of their role or where they sit on the organizational chart.

When companies aren’t collaborating at a high level, it’s not just the bottom line that takes the hit, but employee satisfaction drops, energy levels sink and creativity suffers.

The opportunity exists for staff to work together in an environment that is creative, innovative, happier and energetic.

Here are four collaborative leadership tips to keep in mind that will help you be a more connected leader and teammate.

Tip #1) Share the Spotlight

Let go of the need to be the expert in the room. Even if you are, in fact, the expert in the room. Dial it back. The truth is, whether you are the most knowledgeable person on the team in a specific area, you’re going to need the support of your group to succeed.

Don’t feel you need to have all the answers and definitely don’t take the approach of having to be “right”. Let others be right. Let others add their expertise. If you’re always interjecting, or communicating from a perspective of being the “expert”, it negatively impacts morale. Make a point of sharing the spotlight and you’ll see the benefits.

Tip #2) Ask early and ask often

Building on the above, collaborative leaders ask a lot of questions and allow themselves to be genuinely influenced by the discussion that flows from those questions. Your team will flourish in an environment where everyone, from the senior leadership to the newest hire, feels comfortable and confident asking and answering questions.

Tip #3) Listen Up

Actively listening isn’t easy. But it is very powerful. It takes focus, but when you’re engaged and actively listening, your team will respond. Make a conscious effort to listen every time you’re interacting with teammates and you’ll see the positive results.

Tip #4) Body Language Matters

This is connected to active listening. We all know how body language can affect communication. You want people to know you’re listening, you’re engaged and you care about what’s being said.

Pay attention to the cues you’re giving off with your facial expressions and body movement.

Make eye contact (the listener should be making more eye contact then the speaker), nod your head to show you are listening and ditch your phone are a few basics.

If you’re looking for a Team Building Workshop in Atlanta that focuses on collaboration strategies and skills, connect with Matt to learn more.

Matt Horgan at Matt@dadsgarage.com or by phone at (404) 523-3141 x 205.