Dad’s Garage Gets ImprOper

Photo by Stacey Bode By Jonathan Spuhler When I was in college getting my bachelor’s in voice performance a group came in and taught us about improv. The kind of improv they were teaching was geared towards opera and was almost always serious, but I had


Improverinas Take the Dad’s Garage Stage

Photo by Mike Hillman. By Alessa Rogers So a few years ago Kevin Gillese, artistic director of Dad’s, came to the Atlanta Ballet (which may I point out is a very fancy professional organization that holds the distinction of being America’s longest run


Improv and Anime: The Unholy Union

By Perry Frost Glomp. Crunch. Yiff. Scritches. Tsundere. Dildo on a Reciprocating Saw.  That was just a sampling of some of the exotic terminology I’ve encountered during a year of performing improv at niche conventions all over the country.  As far a


Women in Improv: What high heels taught me about improv comedy

By J.Hill High heels! High heels! The group chanted the suggestion in unison. The task of each player was to step on stage and embody a character related to this idea. A woman stepped off the backline, walked on tiptoe and swayed her hips. A man, speaking


Diapers and Dick Jokes

By Taylor Dooley I love attention; always have and always will. I love Dad’s Garage. I love being pregnant. And I love to overshare. So imagine my joy and gratitude when the stars aligned a couple of years ago and I got to experience it all — I grew a