Tom Rittenhouse on Failure: Surviving the Worst Improv Scene EVER

I, Tom Rittenhouse, am responsible for the worst improv scene in Dad’s Garage history. There, I said it. Wow! What a statement! Now I can’t say that it was quantifiably the worst. That’s a pretty impossible thing to defend. But it was at least bad e


How Improv Helps Toilet Sales

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By Taylor Roy, Dad’s Garage Improviser and Supply.com Salesdude I’ve lived a double life for a while. For the past few years, I’ve been balancing a full-time day job with being an improviser in my free time. As I guess is inevitable, there’s been


“Check it out! There are more women than men on stage tonight.”

Photos by Mike Hillman Written By Megan Leahy, Creator of Woman of the Year When I first started taking classes at Dad’s Garage, almost 14 years ago, there were few female improvisers on stage and none in the ensemble. Comedy has traditionally been a bo


The Curious Case of Matt Horgan and the Salsa Trio

By Travis Sharp Photo By Stacey Bode For many years, Dad’s Garage has had the good fortune to be acknowledged as Atlanta’s Best Improv Group, and sometimes even Atlanta’s Best Theatre Company, by Creative Loafing and its readers. I think I speak for


Dad’s Garage Gets ImprOper

Photo by Stacey Bode By Jonathan Spuhler When I was in college getting my bachelor’s in voice performance a group came in and taught us about improv. The kind of improv they were teaching was geared towards opera and was almost always serious, but I had