How Improv and Volunteering at Dad’s Keeps Me Moving Forward

By Frances Chang Life is full of ups, downs, and transitions; but for me, what has remained consistent is improv. This may seem like an oxymoron since improv is literally made up on the spot and changes from moment to moment. But no matter what is going o


Matt Hobbs: How Musical Improv Helped Me Write an Album

By Matt Hobbs  I discovered Dad’s Garage shortly after moving to Atlanta in 2010. Prior to that, I’d written some songs, played in a few bands, and done some musical theatre. But I’d never worked as a musical improviser. True story. Outside of the


Politics is Easy. Comedy is Hard.

By August J. Pollak *When I wrote and drew political cartoons, I had a rule: if it took me way too little time to think of a joke, I shouldn’t do it, because it meant every other political cartoonist in the country probably just thought of that one too.